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Remembering Bo Higbee and "Fishing The East"

What a Difference a Day Makes. Friday the reports were all massive schools of Stripers up and down the whole coast. Yesterday it seems that they had fed enough tnd didn't like the choppy fog that waited anglers on the ocean. This picture is a crisp clear early December Day, eight years ago in 2015. If my memory is correct this could be December 7.  This was the only Ocean side Episode of "Fishing the East" that I ever shot with Bo Higbee.  Here the camera man is shooting as I describe the…

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My world from the eyes of SwanPhoto.com

I haven't been able to keep up with the Showell Report for a while, but I found this picture from SwanPhoto.com that is just about the center of my world fron Absecon Bay Sportsman Center and the fishing grounds of most of my Absecon Bay Fishing Safaries.  This world squeezed between beautiful Absecon Creek and the weird world of Atlantic City  is my home and home to a great variety of fish, crabs and clams.  Let me help you learn about thispiece of marsh and water along with all along our…

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Here Comes The Sun, but the Wind Hasn't Complete Quit, The Fishing is GREAT.

 Here Comes the Sun!  Weekends have been tough here at Absecon Bay Sportsman Center and anywhere if you are trying to fish.  Yesterday was just about a complete blow out, but the sunrise is looking good and if you can believe the weatherman the conditions should be good for fishing from the beach or jetties or in the back bays or close to the beach.  The NW wind will blow, but less than yesterday.  The ocean should be flat and the water cleaning up nicely.  Actually last week was the cleanest,…

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