Remembering Bo Higbee and "Fishing The East"


What a Difference a Day Makes. Friday the reports were all massive schools of Stripers up and down the whole coast. Yesterday it seems that they had fed enough tnd didn't like the choppy fog that waited anglers on the ocean. This picture is a crisp clear early December Day, eight years ago in 2015. If my memory is correct this could be December 7.  This was the only Ocean side Episode of "Fishing the East" that I ever shot with Bo Higbee.  Here the camera man is shooting as I describe the catch.  Bo took this still photo that I am glad to have in the files. 

Up until the day before, the bite had been to the north and I had done some chasing to the Red Tower and beyond with mixed results. I figured that they should have reached the Brigantine area and I ran in the first light to my waypoint on the North End of the inshore, Brigantine Shoal, straight of the Hotel.  

The first drift was Spot to the Bottom, Stripers to the Boat.  My crew pretty much had the limit on the first drift.  These were mixed medium fish and couldn't get enough of the SPOT at breakfast time.  As the sun came up the Bunker came up and the Gannets proceeded to put on a show all around us.  We really didn't even make a move until we had our fill of dropping SPOT or snagging and dropping from the bunker schools that came into range,  I was open the next day so I gave Bo Higbee a call from the boat and told him to get his cold weather gear together and warm up the camera because we could put together a great show. 

The next morning it was a little bumpier , but still good for a shoot so I went right back to the numbers.  It wasn't the blitz like the day before, however we picked at nice sized fish and got some good sequences in.  The radio reported that the fish from the day before were Banging off Margate and headed South.  I think that the Striper in the Picture may have been the finally for the day, but the show was a good one and I wish that Bo would break down and put the whole series of "Fishing the East' on You-Tube so that it would be easier to see these blasts from the past.  

I did make another run the next day , which I believe was a Sunday.  With a crew on board, we ran straight to Ocean City and found them feeding.  I bring all of this up since some day I might forget and to highlight the face that nice weather usually helps the striper bite, and it sure helps navigate the ocean waters in a smaller sized boat.  This week looks to be the same conditions coming up and I hope to get out on the water as many days as I can.  Ready for a ride and hopefully to pull on some fish, give me a call.  609-484-0409

The following pictures were just a few from this four day run.



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